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Project Description
Visual Image Assist(vcimassist) is a Add-in for Visual C++ 6 and Visual Studio .Net/2005/2008, which makes it easier for programmers using VC++ to view/edit image on debugging. You'll no longer to save temporary image files now.
It's developed in C/C++.


  1. Support Visual C++ 6, Visual Studio .Net/2005/2008/2010.
  2. Display image with any size.
  3. Support color format: Gray, BGR, RGB, BGRA, ARGB, YUV.
  4. Support pixel depth type: Integer(8, 16, 32) and Float(float, double).
  5. Show pixel's coordination and color info when mouse move on.
  6. Statistics, which can work on whole image or a window, include histgram, mean, variance, etc..
  7. Edit and changes can be written back to the debugged process's space. Including pen, brush and fill operator.
  8. Linked to MATLAB and have some operations.

Road Map

  1. V1.0
    1. Work on DevStudio 6 and all Visual Studio 2003-2008.
    2. Support BGR, Gray, RGBs and YUV.
    3. Support various pixel depth type.
  1. V1.1
    1. Show pixel's information when mouse move.
    2. Improve UI friendly.

Thanks for Sp1ff, my work is started from it.

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